identity theft & fraud protection

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Here’s what you can do

Imagine looking at your credit card statement and seeing charges you didn’t make. It’s not a good feeling! Here are a few tips that will help stop fraud from happening to you:

  • Check out your credit report – Keeping tabs on your credit report can give you a heads up about cards you didn’t open

  • Throw away important papers carefully – Shredding anything important like statements and credit card offers can help keep your personal information just that – personal

  • Carry fewer cards – Try carrying only one or two credit cards

  • Never write your PIN down – Memorizing your PIN will keep it safe

  • Be alert – Ask extra questions whenever you are asked for your credit card or social security number

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Receiving a notification of an invalid password attempt

Getting a notification that a person has attempted to login to your online banking can be concerning, especially when you know it wasn't from you or a family member. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about what to do when this happens.